Socialize with friends

Socialize with friends

It is better to talk less about the mutual help between money friends, but it is better to be cautious in terms of money, because people often change relationships or even break relationships because of money.

If you lend your money to a friend, you must be prepared for the idea that you ca n’t come back.

When borrowing money from friends, even if it is a small amount of one hundred or two hundred yuan, you must strictly abide by the deadline and the agreed date and repay as soon as possible.

  Utilitarianism Don’t make friends again Undeniable the existence of utilitarian factors, but the utilitarian nature is too heavy, and the relationship must not last.

When you are difficult, or you lose the value of use, this kind of person will not reach out to help.

  It is normal for two people to have different ideas. It is normal for even the best friends to change their lives. It is not uncommon to have a friend, but it should not be irritable to turn around with friends.

Impatience is a dark arrow that hurts feelings.

It is possible to win a debate but lose a friend.

  Without revealing privacy, good friends will talk about personal privacy topics, asking for help and comfort. This is a kind of trust, but you must not expose your friend’s privacy in public. It will not only embarrass your friend, but also abandon your friend’s trust.
Who dares to be a true friend with you in the future?