Sooner or later, using facial cleanser is useless


Sooner or later, using facial cleanser is useless

Nowadays, we pay more and more attention to our “face”, go out and make up, and put on all kinds of skin care products. We are dissatisfied with blindly shaping.

At the same time, more and more patients with skin allergies are clinically, mostly because too many chemicals are applied to the skin, and the number of cases of plastic surgery failure is increasing year by year.

Experts say that many people are tossing too much in the bladder!

  Excessive cleaning destroys the skin’s natural barrier “pores are stained and require deep cleansing.

“A large number of similar advertisements have caused a large number of young men and women to throw away towels and use facial cleansers to wash their faces, and even businesses have invented” face washing artifacts “, small brushes shaking at high speeds to clean the face.

Hospital dermatologists say many people are too clean!

  The cause of sensitive skin is the destruction of the skin barrier.

A large part of the skin barrier damage is caused by excessive washing and excessive use of cosmetics.

  Just like cleaning the room, two cleanings a week is enough. It is not necessary to use a facial cleanser morning and evening.

For example, some time presets outside the day, PM2 in the air.

5 and PM10 concentrations are high, you can wash with a facial cleanser at home at night.

And sitting indoors every day, there is not much dirt in the pores, and washing your face with warm water is enough.

  Thick makeup Yan Mo easily cause cosmetic dermatitis. Dermatology has a disease called “cosmetic dermatitis”, which is a skin disease caused by some chemical ingredients in cosmetics.

Dermatologists contact most of these patients in outpatient settings.

  Some beauty-loving women have to make-up every day, liquid foundation, cream, loose powder, eye shadow, lip gloss, blush . dozens of cosmetics are accumulated every day.

Imagine that if some cosmetics contain many kinds of chemicals, there may be several kinds of chemicals applied to the face in a day.

These cosmetic ingredients are too complicated, and some of these chemicals are likely to cause skin allergies, repeated skin problems may cause serious skin damage, and it is difficult to cause allergens in so many substances.

  At the same time, the accumulation of thick cosmetics will also cause normal contact between the skin pores and the air. Over time, it will cause “disuse atrophy” of the sebaceous glands.Withstand skincare products, thus surrounding the vicious circle.

This is why in the past, people did not feel dry skin without rubbing skin care products. Now, as long as they leave the moisturizer, the skin is dry and peeling. Of course, the external environment also has an impact.

  Therefore, it is not recommended that young people often apply heavy makeup and bright makeup, and special occasions can be used to lighten makeup. However, for the sake of skin health, they should still be natural, and do not trust the so-called “natural” and “irritation-free” promotional advertisements.

Passionate about plastic surgery, blindly follow the trend and resist disfigurement. Nowadays, people are pursuing perfection more and more. Cosmetics are not enough, and many people still have to go into beauty salons for plastic surgery.

However, close-range plastic surgery can even damage the skin and even lead to disfigurement.

  The director of the Hospital’s Medical Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Department said that if you have to do plastic surgery, you must first understand the plastic surgery mechanism and technology, and do not follow the trend blindly.

At the same time, plastic surgery is not suitable for everyone. If the skin itself has problems and the barrier has been damaged, it is not suitable for plastic surgery.

  In fact, healthy skin has a very strong relationship with the condition of the human body itself. If a person is in good physical condition and mental state, it is definitely rosy and shiny.

In addition, it is also very related to living habits. Excessive stress in life, lack of exercise, often staying up late, and eating spicy and stimulating diet will affect skin health.

If these behaviors do not improve, even applying a lot of skin care products will be futile.

Taking care of our “face” should start with a healthy lifestyle.