But Bin is fascinated by these five stocks: Do you think of more dry goods in internal roadshows?

But Bin is fascinated by these five stocks: Do you think of more 合肥夜网 dry goods in internal roadshows?

In the latest internal roadshow, Dan Bin, chairman of Shanghai Securities Daily Private Equity Oriental Harbor, said that A shares are currently located in a potential recession in the world.

The four-fold estimate plus double-digit net profit growth is extremely attractive worldwide.

  Catalyzed by the improvement in liquidity margins, A-shares may have significant investment opportunities in 2019. They are optimistic about five types of investment opportunities, including consumer goods, liquor industry leaders and strong repurchase industries.

  But Bin pointed out that after the adjustment of A shares since 2015, the main board is expected to enter the bottom area.

  He said that as of May 31, 2019, the median static PE of the motherboard was 19.

9 times, located in the bottom area. The total annual growth rate of the annual profit of the main board stocks (including small and medium-sized boards) in 2018 was 11.

58%, from the perspective of comprehensive estimation and growth, blue-chip stocks in A shares are already attractive to long-term funds.

  But Bin is optimistic about the seven industry leaders, including: 1.
Long-term supply of alternative baijiu faucet; 2.
Consumption cascade insurance and Chinese medicine leader; 3.
Industry regulation has become the “bottom” Internet leader; 4.
Chemical industry leader whose fundamentals of early-cycle industry have bottomed out; 5.
In the industry adjustment, we can make full use of the advantages of M & A peers; 6.
Utilities leader with higher certainty index rate; 7.
Leading securities firms that will play a decisive role in financial reforms.

  But Bin also further reduced his stock selection logic, focusing on five major categories: Category 1: Consumer Goods. Looking at historical data, even in years with poor economic performance, the consumer goods industry was relatively less affected, such asThe condiment industry can still maintain a growth of more than 10%.

  The consumer goods industry is still in the development stage, with strong resource endowments, a good competitive landscape, and room for improvement in concentration.

Compared with the disturbance of external factors, the consumer goods industry must be mainly affected by the logic of endogenous development (industry, the stage of development of the company, business management, etc.).

  The demand of the consumer goods industry must be rigid, and stable returns can also be guaranteed during the economic downturn. If the corresponding company is estimated to be in a relatively high position, it is worth paying attention.

  The second category: the liquor industry includes leading companies and marginally improved liquor companies.

The supply of liquor faucet is in short supply, and its annual output is 3, even if the consumption declines, the impact is still limited.

  The retail price of the products of the leading companies in the liquor industry has a margin of safety, and there is a sufficient safety pad between the ex-factory price and the dealer’s price, so that there will be no negative growth in revenue.

  The third category: strong repurchasing industries. Strong repurchasing refers to the high compulsory nature of repeated purchases, typically in the insurance and education industries.

Even if the economy declines, insurance will not be broken every year, because the loss of broken insurance will be great.

  The corporate value of an insurance company is EV, which is affected by three variables and is also growing in the current environment where the economy is facing downward pressure.

  Similarly, the development of the quality education extra-curricular tutoring industry is relatively less affected by economic 南宁桑拿 factors.

In addition, when the economy is facing adjustment, it is precisely the peak period of vocational examination counseling.

  The fourth category: the field of elastic electronics is divided by the complexity of the network. The world above the smartphone is called the field of elastic electronics, which includes enhanced wearable devices, smart clothing, skin devices and implants.Highly sensitive materials.

  Fifth category: The market space for the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries is huge, and there is still a lot of room for health care spending. As a result, some people are getting richer and more and more, they will definitely spend more on health care.More and more money.

  Source: Shanghai Securities News (here comes from 21 Finance)